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Create a table with a uniqueidentifier column 'Unique ID', and set the default to newsequentialid(). saving the design: 'Table_1' table - Error validating the default for column 'Unique ID'. On later inserts, sql server seems to forget the last sequential id, and starts a new sequence.Running this in ssms results in squential guids: insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test13a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test14a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test15a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test16a'); insert into Table_1 (Name) values('test17a'); newsequentialid is primarily to solve the issue of page fragmentation when your table is clustered by a uniqueidentifier. I set up two test tables, one where the newsequentialid column is the primary key and one where it is not (like yours), and in the primary key the GUIDs were always sequential. I do not know the internals/technical reasons it behaves that way, but it seems clear that newsequentialid() is only truly sequential when your table is clustered by it.For corrective action, see the other error messages that accompany this error message. The batch has been aborted."Is there any solution for the same?

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Please start any new threads on our new site at https://forums. We've restricted the ability to create new threads on these forums. If i add a new column in that table it gives me an error for tables in which either this table is a key or this table has key from other tables "Error validating the default for column 'rowguid'." Also for views i'm getting an error "View 'dbo.vw_Test Case Basic': indexes and schema binding will be removed."If i proceed further i get an error and m not able to add the column."It is invalid to drop the default constraint on the rowguid column that is used by merge replication.

We've got lots of great SQL Server experts to answer whatever question you can come up with. The schema change failed during execution of an internal replication procedure.

The moment i add column from SSMS to the table i receive these errors.

I created a column in a table with datatype uniqueidentifier which is set as Row GUID and the default value to newsequentialid().It has many downsides which newid() does not, and none of the benefits - the biggest being that newid() is not practically predictable, whereas newsequentialid() is.If you are not worried about fragmentation, what's the point?I goofed about a year ago when I created a table without a primary key set.The full table is now an article in a merge publication.I am now having issues with using it as a data service and I want to correct it.

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