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The Row Updated event occurs when you call an Update method on a data adapter.

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The Info Message event occurs when an informational message is returned from a data source.

The exception handling doesn't catch these messages.

The Row Updating event occurs before a command executes against the .

Working with Connection Events The Connection object has two events that notify the application if a connection state changes.

Merge Failed Event Handler handles a dataset's Merge Failed event, which occurs when a dataset's merge operation fails.

State Change Event Handler handles the State Change event, which occurs when the connection state changed.

Besides the Data namespace defining the event handler and event argument classes, the data provider-specific namespace also define the data provider event handler and event argument classes.

Some of these classes and their usage may vary from provider to provider.

Table 9-2 The Connection State Properties and added two buttons to the form.

I then set the name of the button control to State Change Event Btn and Info Message Event Btn.

The Info Message Event Args is as follows: Where Sender is the source of the event of the event and e is an Ole Db Info Message Event Args object that contains the event data.

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