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it seems like every time i'm reading a new book ,i consider that book as my favourite one . then you may guess what my favourite books are :)))) I like to read a books very much:) I constantly read it - when I come to school, when I have free time from my homework and preparing to ZNO examination (it's an entrance exam in Ukraine). Silly question, although it gives a place for three, so I think I might be able to decide my three favourite books. These are some of my favorites: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series Hunger Games trilogy Divergent trilogy Mortal instruments trilogy : D The Little Princess. Don't you think Sarah is really brave and independent? It's really warm and it helped me go through some hard time^^ I really enjoy reading and I love books.

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Using this site, you'll discover new things about yourself — including potential talents and abilities — that you may never have dreamed you had.

Perhaps the most exciting new findings on birth order involve the issue of romantic compatibility.

Unfortunately, there are not enough young people who like to read in England. Both of these books, to me, feel like they don’t have the same ‘magic’ as the previous ones. I'm really sorry but my list of favourites exceeds three, I also love Pride and Predjudice and Anne of green gables series all the bks of Agatha Christie Hi guys! I have got lots of favourite books so i can't decide which is the best.

Books can be exciting, scary, thrilling and confusing. This trilogy is all about the adventures of a young girl called Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon. - and internet literature so it isn't professional but i love!!

But the youth has stopped to love them and read them, because there were innovative technologies, that are more interesting than the books.

In my opinion, people, all the same, will again be happy to read a book.

Through this research we can now produce a fairly accurate personal compatibility analysis explaining who your best match is based on factors such as how many siblings you grew up with, the gender of those siblings, the age gap between you and your siblings, and whether or not you experienced significant conflict with a parent or the early loss of a parent or sibling. If you're a middle child, you need to ask whether you're closer in age to an older or a younger sibling.

Of course your personal compatibility analysis is based on birth order, the most reliable predictor of personality. If you have many older siblings and are close in age to one or more of them, you can expect to be more like a lastborn than a firstborn, although you will have some firstborn traits by virtue of the fact that you have a younger sibling.

This books are both written by Nicholas Sparks and both of them speaks about a love story between teens.

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