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Honerkamp threw Hammond 0 to play a -per-ticket show, and the place was packed. “But the next night, Johnny Winter will fill it with guys in motorcycle jackets.

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music style made popular in the Carolinas, it combines many styles that may include but are not limited to Rhythm and Blues, Soul Music, and a little bit of Disco.

Basically anything you can “Shag” to (The Shag, or Carolina Shag, is a dance style that has been around almost forever.

We went there when happy, to celebrate, and when sad, to sulk.

We went there after weddings and funerals, and for something to settle our nerves, and always for a shot of courage just before.

To accommodate these changing demographics, the Talkhouse has expanded its repertoire to also include late night DJs, pop music and reggae.

“The Montauk monster has definitely affected us,” explains Kraus. We’re talking Rock and Roll Hall of famers like Bon Jovi, Billy Joel and Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters (whose work you might remember from smoke-filled nights back in college). For decades, this tiny music venue has brought unprecedented talent to the East End.We are not referring to the slang term made popular by a major movie personality portraying a British spy from the 60’s) When you ask the question”What is Beach Music? Some may try to define the genre, some may simply describe the feeling they get when they hear Beach Music.Ask the person answering the question how they associate themselves with beach music and you may understand their comments.The former president and first lady come anyways, and right when Buffet starts playing… “I remember one night Eric Burdon was playing and we all bartended nude — including Burdon himself,” he says.

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