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MJtchell Is going to secure a copy of each for our use. A recent newspaper article from the Secretary of State's office claims the Survey has already cleaned out 16 tons of worthless paper. Each of the departments has appointed one or more liaison officers who will make up a seminar on records management, to be conducted by Mr. These viere supposed to be high level officials, and I was delighted to see who had been appointed. A3 l879 was scheduled for April I am ahead of schedule.It does not take too long to do this work, but I can find little time for it.

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Mitchell is recommending for a permanent records center. The Illinois State Register printed a nice article about her, with her picture, in its series of "Profiles'* of Springfield women. Some were held back at the time of the original transfer because being used on a current engineering project. Engineers of the Wateivays Division have also recently made active use of the survey maps which ac- companied the Chlppenixeld report on rivers and sul Mierged lands made in 191I.

While it would be makeshift and not suitable for a permanent solution, it would do until we could get the addition. This having long since been completed, the local engineers would like to see them brought here. The State Library was the only department re- questing pennlssion to transfer reooz*ds in February. There were no new pl^^Jects under way among staff members, hence there Is nothing special to report as to their duties. Because of the size of some of the atlas volumes and because handling of all the division's maps on file made It impractical for the engineers to ac- complish their work expeditiously in the Reference Room, a vault permit was issued to two men for two weeks.

There is room for a building approximately 100 x 45 ft. The archl Viat estimates that this addition will cost approximately $200,000 plus cost of equipment. The Lamination Laboratory Is now about finished except for minor plumbing connections and the hood over the lamination machine. Barrow gets here and indicates exactly where it should be installed. Bulpltt has been employed and is to report for work on April 15th.

Eventually the present system of the Depart- mental Vaults which house permanent semi-current records, must be Integrated with the Records Center. We will start him un- folding documents to get the "feel" of paper, but we should get Mr.

The Division is mounting some of the maps for us before return- ing them. Burke, chief records management officer of the Central African archives. A similar kit was sent this week, upon re- quest, to Mr. He is a real leader and as anxious as I to make this project the most outstanding one yet undertaken by any government.

Patrons continue to use our facilities for genealogical wox SCj both through the mail and by personal visits. South Flhodesia, was our guest on February 6 and 7. Bui Hce Is a graduate of Manchester University amd a native of Lancashire, Englauid. Although the chief purpose of his visit was to learn about the work of the records management survey, he was interested in all phases of archival administration. He has been particularly helpful in helping us outline plans for the new records centex" proposed in the archivist's report for January.

Barrow's experience has been with l8th century or earlier records.

The National Archives found it Impossible to apply some of Barrow's de-acidification procedures to 19th and 20th century sulphide paper. The Survey is proceeding satisfactorily under its prosent Project Director, Mr. A second Project Director, Prank Gaughan, is coming in as Mr, Mitchell's assistant on April 3d.

Much should be made of the fact that this records center problem could be, not solved, but largely alleviated, if the Archives Building were returned to the occupancy for which It was planned. In the year 1955 the Commission issued Disposal (Retention) Schedules for 157 categories of recoxxis on 34 applications from 7 major departments; permitted substitute of microfilm copies for 47 categories on 18 applications - 6 - from 6 major depax*tmentsj authorised destmiotlon of records for limited periods of time for 211 oatesorles of records on 28 applioations from 8 major depaz*tmenta . All have been busily engaged in their usual routine duties. The most important reference project under way in the Archives, one which has Ipeen going on hez*e and in other libraries for several ^ e ape ^ is a docxaaentary history of Illinois and Michigan canal « being pi? We are also« by special arrangement with Director Rosens tone , permitting the temporary withdrawal of maps for copying by division draftsmen.

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