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My daughter is 26 and has asked me to have a word with him and ask him not to drink to excess.

Their older brother says I should not get involved.

That crowd may be smaller and quieter but it sounds like it’s there that you will find what you’re looking for.

You can also private message on the Dear Deidre Official Facebook page.

He thinks my youngest may refuse to turn up or swear he’ll behave but then not.

We all want him there as it’s a big family do, but it feels like a risk. That would cause a wound that could last a lifetime. I doubt he intends to get drunk but it sounds like once he starts drinking, he’s not in control.

Once you believe in yourself, you won’t sell yourself cheap any more. She said she wants to be single again for a while so I booked up some weekends away with my mates.

My e-leaflet Finding The Right Partner For You will help too. I found I enjoyed being single again but then she started calling me, pleading for another chance. Then she got angry with me, as she hates all my friends. Frankly, it’s not a good sign that she hates all your mates.

I’m 34 with two young kids from a previous relationship.

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