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Once this cycle is set in motion, declining health is inevitable.

Adelle Davis did not make a link between HCl deficiencies and blood type; and Dr.

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(Or so unlikely, given that few people would ever think of eating the seeds of the castor oil plant much less inject them into the bloodstream.) Dr.

D’Adamo, however, reports that hundreds of common food lectins are capable of causing health problems when eaten by people of the wrong blood type.

If injected into the bloodstream, it agglutinizes so quickly with red blood cells that massive blood clots form and death is nearly instantaneous.

Reactions to the protein lectins in food are rarely so life threatening.

D.,and scores of other respected physicians and nutritionists. More than 1,000 scientific studies exist suggesting this is so. D’Adamo bases his theories on the assumption that early man had Type O blood, and that the A, B, and AB bloodtypes came long after. D’Adamo’s blood type diet theory suggests that there is at least a drop of truth in it.

It’s the reason why wrong blood transfusions cause hemolysis and death.

In fact, this is borne out by numerous studies which suggest that lectins are either dismantled by enzymes — which are abundantly present in raw and fermented foods – or by cooking, which destroys the helpful enzymes but compensates by denaturing complex proteins so that they can more easily be broken down during the rest of the digestive process.

Few people today, however, can boast fully functioning digestive systems.

The people with ample HCl may all be Type Os, as Dr. Yet the identification of age-related deficiencies coupled with reports of failing health suggest a gradual decline of HCl over time.

If so, HCl deficiency is a preventable and correctable problem, regardless of blood type.

The greater the pancreatic insufficiency, the more undigested and partially digested protein molecules that enter the system and the more likely an immune system reaction.

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