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Gerry Ryan, who was from Clonmel, passed away on Monday in The Curragh.

However, one of their first meetings was broadcast on the national airwaves.

As the President of Unicef Ireland, Melanie reported to the show live from Kenya where she was highlighting humanitarian efforts in the country.

The motormouth presenter has emphasised how important family is to him. Without family you have no continuity, you have no future and you have no past," said Gerry, who has spoken about raising all his five kids on the radio.

Charlotte or Lottie is now 22, Rex is 18, Bonnie is 15, Elliot is 12 and Babette is eight years old.

The couple, who have since split up, have two children, Wilme (18) and Wian (14).

Since the break-up of Gerry's marriage, the father of five has only spoken a handful of times about the experience.

Although the RTE broadcaster met Melanie in January, they did not strike up a close friendship until long after he separated from Morah.

The pair it's reported have been extraordinarily good at keeping their relationship out of the public eye.

In 1994, aged 27, she was elected to the parliament where she served for seven years.

However, as tension calmed somewhat in South Africa, she left one highly successful career to embark on another -- in Ireland.

But again, she decided for a change of pace and relinquished the ambassadorial job in 2005.

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