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Again, C-14 dating results on Egyptian samples before, during and after the flood were found to be accurate when the data was compared with the actual dates as independently obtained.

@Mysterious Dater It’s when I take a step back and watch it’s fascinating. Wrr NS6s Observing mansplaining in action at a coffee shop... A useful #mindfulness practice from @Tara Brach Xyx8Uf5 @Unluckiest Dater Humour can be subjective @Unluckiest Dater This is just encouraging me to try cheesy up..repeat and explain the context…

Many men ask themselves how to tell if a girl is flirting with them or not.

Please tell your friends to stay at home we will need our privacy.

And if you’re looking for some games for two to play in your Love Shack, then you’re in luck! Olop Vh1Ds @picklesk874 I hope that was a snort laugh? #donttexthim #okaymaybejustalittletext #nomorethough #ohmaybejustaddapstext #friendswillkillme Xd SBP4True. Qx W2Ezg Found on tumblr, made me snort laugh embarrassingly. 😈 #meetme #meatme #onlinedating #fatgirlsguidetodating… YK6UDo you remember when you joined Twitter? #My Twitter Anniversary #happyanniversarytome #willtherebecake… Ra XL2 @Lucy Goes Dating One way of putting it.... Kxpra Nku @real Donald Trump @KTHopkins I bet it’s a merry one for your rich friends who you told would get richer. Drones are illegal in Aus so stop watching me destroy peeps w… KSFBi N When you totally ruin their pickup line on purpose.... A18C5JHAfter completing all #procrastination techniques there’s really no avoiding work now! PEz Sda9 @Millennial Memo And nobody gets to see how early you are @mrsmop68 But I’ll hold on to those few seconds of hope Woke up thinking it was Saturday (and if it wasn’t, it was definitely Friday)’s only Tuesday! O5o Ax XSwq @a Dating Dad @BSinglein Style @Lucy Goes Dating @ayorkshireguy @findaprince @RZ1800 @Sidious UK @NYAG363042 You were rig…

Or if you’d rather watch a movie in your Love Shack, may I recommend “The Vow.” Then you could use our printable cards to write down your own vows to each other.

Then, once the kiddos are in bed and date night has begun, the two of you can work on building it together.

Still only halfway through the Xmas shop Sudr Rpo3 out of 6 done. #21stcentury Sometimes you just get the sarcastic!

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