Gridview rowupdating error

Data Bind() End Sub Why is my data not saved to my database?

Data Source = Get Data("SELECT * FROM recipe Table") gv.

gridview rowupdating error-25

The graphic that is displayed is rotated using properties for the control.

The frequency of a particular ad displaying on a page can be configured using the Impressions property and ads can be filtered using keyword filtering.

Hello, I am a newbie and I am having some trouble updating my grid View.

It updates my very first field which is read only but it gets stuck on the next field.

Ad Rotator controls use either an XML file or a table in a database for data.

The following attributes are used in XML files to configure the Ad Rotator control. The URL that the user should be taken to when the ad is clicked. The alternate text that is displayed in a tooltip and read by screen readers.In cases where you already have a database with a different schema, you can use the Alternate Text Field, Image Url Field, and Navigate Url Field properties to map the Ad Rotator attributes to your existing database.To display the data from the database in the Ad Rotator control, add a data source control to the page, configure the connection string for the data source control to point to your database, and set the Ad Rotator control's Data Source ID property to the ID of the data source control.To display ads from the above XML file, add an Ad Rotator control to a page and set the Advertisement File property to point to the XML file as shown below: The text displayed if the image cannot be found.In some browsers, the text is displayed as a Tool Tip.The larger the number, the more often the ad will be displayed.

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