who is pink the singer dating - Harry styles dating rod stewart daughter

Hell, when he pulled over to the side of the 101 freeway in L. and discreetly threw up, the spot became a fan shrine. A bold single-color cover to match the working title: Pink.

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Drake and Rihanna have recorded there, and it’s where Styles produced the bulk of his new LP, which is due out May 12th.

As we weave through traffic today, the album no one has heard is burning a hole in his i Phone.

(“Didn’t read it,” comments the nonfiction Styles, “but I hope he gets more than me.”) But at the height of One D–mania, Styles took a step back. “Honest,” he says, a year later, driving through midcity Los Angeles in a dusty black Range Rover.

For many, 2016 was a year of lost musical heroes and a toxic new world order. He’s lived here off and on for the past few years, always returning to London.

"He first met Erin at Penny Lancaster's birthday last year and they've been hanging out in LA."After visiting the pumpkin patch, they went for dinner."Die-hard 1D fans the Directioners will be relieved to hear that the star isn't planning on upping and leaving his bandmates to shack up with the American beauty.

The insider told Grazia magazine: "It's nothing serious, but they're both having fun." Hear that? Erin appeared alongside stars such as Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson in The OC and she's also featured in episodes of Law & Order and Without A Trace.

If you’d passed by it one winter night, you might have seen him sitting there.

A lanky guy in a wool hat, overcoat and jogging pants, hands thrust deep into his pockets. He had spent five years as the buoyant fan favorite in One Direction; now, an uncertain future stretched out in front of him. The white noise of adulation was gone, replaced by the hushed sound of the city below.

Styles remains a One D advocate: “I love the band, and would never rule out anything in the future.

The band changed my life, gave me everything.” Harry Styles reveals the inspiration behind his new music. There were songs I wanted to write and record, and not just have it be ‘Here’s a demo I wrote.’ Every decision I’ve made since I was 16 was made in a democracy.

We arrive at a crowded diner, and Styles cuts through the room holding a black notebook jammed with papers and artifacts from his album, looking like a college student searching for a quiet place to study.

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