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You’re also less likely to have fun during future experiences — creating a self-defeating cycle.Starting to have fun with dating begins by shifting your perspective inward.You need to let go of trying to figure out how SHE can have fun and instead prioritize…

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“I’m just looking to have a good time.” or “I’m trying to have some fun.” Their #1 priority is to enjoy themselves.

That mentality enables them to have fun experiences and see great results.

This can be difficult because you may worry: “What if she doesn’t think I’m funny? ” That doesn’t really matter in the bigger picture.

Because this is the most important thing you need to understand…

But it’s usually difficult for them to explain HOW they do that.

They tell you, “don’t overthink it,” or “just be yourself”. Having “fun” with a brand new romantic interest doesn’t come naturally to most of us.You avoid your weird sense of humor that they may not appreciate.You don’t talk about your quirky hobbies that get you giddy and excited.Because when you do, you’re conveying a much more important, powerful message: “I like who I am and I’m not afraid to express my authentic self.” That is the essence of self-esteem and confidence — and it’s what people are deeply attracted to.It’s about being a man who knows who he is and is unashamed about it. He would rather find someone who can appreciate his real personality than pretend to be someone else.You’re stuck constantly trying to decipher what thinks is fun or funny.

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