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Many such marriages have taken place, and the children, while still experiencing some isolation, have begun to find their place in the world.In fact, it may be that the effect of intermarriage is to overcome the barriers and tensions between those of different social groups through the bonding of new familial groups.Religion is a difficult subject to broach for romantically involved couples.

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Those who marry from a different religious tradition may also face rejection, especially if one of the traditions teaches that only those faithful to their beliefs receive salvation and can go to heaven; all others being condemned to eternal hell.

Intermarriage is a form of exogamy, or marrying outside of one's social group.

Participants in intermarriage have faced social difficulties throughout history for various reasons including prejudice, ignorance, and xenophobia.

Those whose marriages involve different races have suffered racial discrimination, if not outright rejection by societies in which miscegenation (the mixing of races) was illegal.

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Second, a Jewish marriage is, by definition, a contract between two Jews, involving a Ketubah or Jewish prenuptial agreement.

This states that the husband commits to provide food, clothing, and marital relations to his wife, and that he will pay a specified sum of money if he divorces her.

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