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He said the bill would “be felt as a message that the Jew has no future in Europe.” Despite the outcry, local politicians argue that circumcision is an irreversible operation and say religions should change to conform to the ideals of modern Icelandic society.

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The Danish government, which controlled Iceland at the time, offered to relocate the entire population to Denmark.

The Icelanders declined, although small parties immigrated to Brazil and Wisconsin.

By 1800 the national population was reduced to only 47 000 by disease, starvation and volcanic eruptions.

In the 19th century, new disasters, including sheep epidemics, a deterioration in the climate and more volcanic eruptions, followed.

The first Icelander to land on Canadian shores since his Norse ancestors was 22-year-old Sigtryggur Jonasson, who arrived in Québec City on 12 September 1872.

In 1873 about 150 more Icelanders arrived in Québec, encouraged by Jonasson.

The law would mean the 'regular persecution of Jewish people,' Fr Jakob Rolland warned The Catholic Church in Iceland is speaking out against a proposed law that could land Jewish and Muslim parents in prison for up to six years for circumcising their infant boys.

“If this bill goes through, it would mean regular persecution of Jewish people,” Fr Jakob Rolland, chancellor of the Diocese of Reykjavik, told Catholic News Service.

They were given free transportation to Ontario by the Canadian government, as well as offers of free land.

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