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Soriano failed to attend the promulgation of the decision.Bathan said this takes away his chance of appealing the decision.Two returning coaches headline this year’s Juan for Fun Backpacker Challenge 2015 together with three new adventure seekers to the list.

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TV host Iya, DJ Joyce, musician Champ, You Tube star Bogart, and travel writer Jude were given a task and each paired with two media members to finish a mini-challenge race all the way from Capilay Spring Park, Solangon Beach, Balete Tree, and Coco Grove within the island.

The mini-challenge was a blast and communicated bonding moments for the five well-known personalities and the media and bloggers who raced with them.

I have some circumstantial evidences to apparently back it up.

But on personal note, this is just my opinion, and not aiming to confirm anything.

The possibility of pay-out could be a reality or if not, influence or imprudence. There were no libelous with something veracious or have the essence of truth in it. Eli Soriano accused INC of being: Indeed, as manifested several times such as by distorting video tapes to mangle his personality. There are others such as portraying him as sodomizer through porn komiks without valid evidence, in short, it was not validated.“Soriano’s remarks…

are libelous per se, uncalled for and misleading information to the public.

During his arraignment in 2005, the evangelist refused to enter a plea, prompting the court to enter a plea of “not guilty” for him.

He also submitted a waiver of presence during the pre-trial conference, in which he admitted that “whenever his name is mentioned (during the trial), he is the same person alleged in the information.” Records show that Soriano’s lawyer presented witnesses stating that ministers of INC in its television show “Ang Tamang Daan” have repeatedly attacked Soriano and he was just retaliating against the allegations.

I want my team to challenge themselves by preparing to make some sacrifices and conquering a few fears, all while having fun of course!

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