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I've scoured all the sites I know of and it's still not uploaded. I don't find her entertaining at allso we see in the trailer that Carole and Lu Ann clash a lot again this season yet tonight on WWHL they were sitting next to each other on the couch and were chatting quite cordially...makes their upcoming feud seem tame I guess Most "wtf" moment of the episode that's clearly a nod for the viewers to draw a conclusion: Sonja arriving at the 8 AM MORNING WALK with Dorinda in a full jumpsuit and thigh high boots.R32 fake and contrived like everything else about Sonja. Bitch just casually segued her walk of shame from some hookup into a morning walk with a friend.Now, having run the marathon herself, she understands why it’s such a big deal.

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Bethenny might just pack her bags and spare herself the aggravation. We have to remember that they lie about a lot of dumb little things.

It's like on a reality show if they show someone walking into a room/area alone and he/she looks scared..person isn't really alone as a camera crew is in front of him/her.

They lie about what time it is quite often too The only positive I have to say about Tinsley is that whatever work she's had done is tasteful and quality. No wrinkles or sagging and she doesn't look overly plumped. It's not likely Sonja was awarded alimony and if she was I doubt it would be 'for life' since they did not have a long-term marriage and she did not enable/help him acquire his wealth.

If I didn't know she was 41 I'd think she was early 30that significant or is there a normal fluctuation that would account for it? Even if they happen to have a lot of money they have poor financial skills and are bad about managing it. Sh was a hostess or cocktail waitress (something like that) when they met, living paycheck to paycheck.

I'm sure they just covered the Amelia Earhart saga in her Fall Semester American Studies 101 course, prompting her great Hallowe'en costume! Don't know what's going on with these uploaders, usually any episode of a popular Bravo show is online within 2 hours of airing.

I'm dying to find a torrent or a streaming link to tonight's episode.

Even when she was a top social she expected to get everything for free, never even paid for a single benefit ticket (others on her level did).

And her quest to land a rich guy like this Scott is so terrinly transparent.

At this point it's just ridiculous to have Sonja still on the show. R112: I'd say she already IS the "Sheree of New York"--formerly wealthy but fucked it up with shady business dealings, always talking about new business ventures that don't pan out, living in big house she can't afford....etc, etc... Once her mother was off the show she didn't get the same level of attention and respect from her girlfriends and she desperately wants her mother back on HW, back in the limelight, as it elevates her status with her friends and social circle in general.

So I definitely think the Jill posts are her daughter, Ally, not Jill herself or some obsessed Jill fan. As soon as the camera crew left, Sonja booted those gays into the cold UES night. Or just standing around the party in full paint and hair for “atmosphere” like a clown?

Public exposure is oxygen to this woman; she needs us to Look At Her all the time.

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