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It evaluates each message and returns an overall Spam Confidence Level (SCL).Items that are rated as spam are sent to Outlook’s Junk folder.For more details, review the EOP documentation on Tech Net and this help article on Office 365 email anti-spam protection.

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The existing Smart Screen filter and definitions will be left in place, and continue to provide a basic level of protection.

The current definition will continue to junk some obvious spam emails, with an effectiveness that will degrade over time.

As stated above, most users are protected by superior spam filtering arrangements and should not experience any change in their email experience or see an increase in spam.

Again, this change does not affect the Smart Screen Filter online protection feature built into Windows, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer browsers. Customers using Outlook with Office 365 (for work email) or (for personal email) already have the advanced spam and malware protection found in Exchange Online Protection built into those services. Note: Some Office 365 customers may have replaced EOP with a 3-party filtering solution.

To be effective, filters should be real-time, always tapping into the intelligence of email campaigns happening within recent minutes or hours.

Further, Smart Screen often conflicts with s) are actually junked by Smart Screen, because Smart Screen is unaware of the upstream settings.

Microsoft Exchange 20 email servers allow the administrator to create and edit junk mail filters.

Exchange 2003 utilizes the Intelligent Message Filter to provide the administrator with the control to block connections, recipients and even senders.

This spam filtering technology was first released in 2003, which provided Outlook and Exchange a content filter able to identify spam campaigns and direct them to the Junk folder.

As spammers have evolved and increased the volume and sophistication of their attacks, this type of spam prevention is no longer a useful way to prevent spam.

These email providers and filters will send items to Outlook’s junk folder.

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