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It’s a series of 9 facts meant to show that illegal immigrants to the US are involved in a lot of crime, especially sexual crime.

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Trump can defend himself all he wants, but the facts just are not there. The Feds do track legal status, and the numbers are startling.

Of 78,022 primary offense cases in fiscal year 2013, 38.6 percent were illegal immigrant offenders.

The five federal districts also have the biggest number of defendants actually convicted of federal crimes.

Of the 61,529 criminal cases initiated by federal prosecutors last fiscal year, more than 40%—or 24,746—were filed in court districts neighboring the Mexican border….

As you can see, over 40% involve drugs and violence. “More than 40% – or 24,746 – were filed in court districts neighboring the Mexican border.” Ellipsis.

“13,383 were drug-related, 12,123 were violent crimes, and 6,300 were white-collar fraud.” Wait a second.

Those three numbers add up to 31,806, more than the total number of cases.

Apparently we can’t trust illegal immigrants to obey any laws, including the laws of mathematics.

Of 22,878 drug crime cases, 17.2 percent were illegal immigrants.

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