Interreligion dating solutions to online dating problems

A good aid in this regard would be my Scripture Workbook.

We've compiled a list of mistakes that those in interfaith marriages make.

According to Luchina Fisher's 2010 article, "Chelsea Clinton's Interfaith Marriage Challenge: Kids, Holidays, Soul-Searching," Susanna Macomb said one of the biggest mistakes interfaith couples make is not presenting a united front to their families.

Your marriage must now come first." Marrying outside your own faith requires the two of you to be especially mature, respectful and compromising to have a successful long-term relationship.

It will take a significant amount of effort to not let external influences cause irreparable damage between you both, such as in-laws or grandparents, along with your internal differences in religious backgrounds.

It's important that they make decisions as a couple and then present them -- together -- to their families.

"It's easy to blame the newcomer in the family," Macomb said.So in this article I will try to summarize some of the advice I have given.I will use the three most common interfaith situations I have been contacted about as examples, but the same principles would apply to other types of relationships.I have even received emails telling me it is "ridiculous" or "silly" to say that there would be problems in such a relationship due to religious differences.So the first thing I do is to encourage both parties to better understand their own and the other person's faith.Sometimes the emails have come from the Christian involved in the relationship, but other times from the non-Christian.

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