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The women argue that their very existence has been “eradicated” by British society.

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A few years ago, I produced and directed an autobiographical documentary called “Orchids: My Intersex Adventure” on my story of growing up intersex.

Intersex applies to an individual with a combination of male and female biological sex attributes, and it is also known as a disorder of sex development or hermaphroditism.

Prior to this, I only knew scant details yet I was certain that I was not like any of my peers, particularly during adolescence, and I felt completely isolated.

I feel I would have taken in the facts more readily and felt better about myself had I known more from a young age.

They argue it’s one of the last “human rights taboos” in the western world.

The group has come together to launch a campaign, calling for the Government to urgently review the way intersex people are treated.While I am sure Dr Michael Mosely’s account of the children who live in Salinas, Dominican Republic in the BBC2 series “Countdown to Life – the extraordinary making of you" tries to be sensitive, the labelling of the variation 5-alpha-reductase deficiency by some media outlets reporting on the documentary as a “disorder” and the children as “astonishing” and “abnormal” is exoticising and pathologising.I acknowledge that it is hard even for people with an intersex variation to find the words to describe ourselves more generally, but the framing must change so that our diversity might be more readily accepted as natural.In particular, I wanted to create a positive frame for young people with intersex variations, who I hoped would not have to go through what I experienced.I had to hide who I was from others, and was constantly terrified of being excluded for the monster and freak I had come to believe I was.Although it is generally considered pejorative, some within the intersex community have reclaimed the word “hermaphrodite”, although it is technically incorrect for humans because we can’t reproduce as either a male or female.

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