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Conway responds that homosexuality was rampant in fifth century BCE Greece, nearly a millenium prior to the rise of Christian monasteries.We find in "Rajneesh Tantra" a form of deficient argument which seeks to associate pet dislikes with rival teachings, and to worst the latter by a process of conflation. Conway accuses Rajneesh of telling "insidious lies about himself and his movement." For example, the guru repeatedly boasted to the press, from 1985 onwards, that one million neo-sannyasins were devoted to him.

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Intimidating meaning in hindi

The Buddhist monasteries became centres of mercantile activity.

Many other details also disprove the Rajneesh version of religious and social events.

This period includes the phase of his 1988-89 celebration of Zen, his discourses on that subject being extended into over twenty volumes by an enthusiastic publisher.

Rajneesh tended to present Zen as the most advanced of the meditation traditions, though he chose to overlook the rigorously monastic aspect of both Chinese and Japanese Zen ().

The deceptions that can arise from self-love are so extensive that no proficient psychologist or conscientious citizen is exempt from cautionary scruple in this respect.

The format often resembles a "new age" commentary, including such favoured slogans as "Love yourself." The ability of people to love themselves is not in dispute, but the exhortation is not praiseworthy.He was not concerned with history, and ignored the self-discipline involved. His followers considered him to be a Zen expert, a Zen master of the ultimate degree.Ex-devotee Christopher Calder was early involved in the output of Rajneesh books.A very controversial matter accompanies another error.Rajneesh stated that "Hitler killed one million Jews." Conway appropriately emphasises that the real figure was approximately six million.The content in three of his later works was reportedly delivered under the influence of nitrous oxide.

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