Intimidating te stallion Gambarsek

You can catch them once a year and they will drive the same each time.

intimidating te stallion-29

They were raised as a team and have worked together their whole lives.

Been to rodeos and doesn't mind traffic quads or dirt bikes.

Proudly offered for sale: Chili is a 16.2h black and white tovero APHA gelding that absolutely floats across the ground.

Sired by Intimidating TE, 5 time Grand Champion with 210 APHA performance points and 16 halter points in a limited show career.

I hadnt seen Jerry yet, but he saw me from way down the alley. I was just a young guy that didnt grow up in the horse show world, trying to sell ads for the Journal.

Jerry Wells and Betty..always kind to everyone that ever meet them.

Potential to do all-around with more work, but has the natural ability to dominate the HUS classes. He leg yields, pivots, backs softly, moves right off in his transitions, and is responsive to leg/seat/rein cues.

Huge, ground eating, flat-kneed stride and a beautiful round easy lope. Naturally low head carriage keeps him balanced and smooth. Has seen cavaletti poles and has also been trail ridden and crosses water. Don't miss out on this colt, this is a once-in-a-lifetime horse!

I was only 16 that year, and Jerry took me under his wing and helped teach me what I needed to know to become a better horseman. Not only was he a great horseman, but he was even a better human being.

From that day foreword every time I saw Jerry he would go out of his way to speak, and offer assistance if needed.

Thank You for the influence you have had in my life. I believe I met Jerry at the World Show in the early 80s soon after I had come to work at AQHA.

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