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Sometimes the cataracts are not removed soon enough after birth, and the brain's visual cortex doesn't fully develop.

This is a common reason for less than perfect acuity in these situations.

Soundmanpt , Eyestein I wonder what her corrected vision is with contacts compared to glasses. Her large contact lenses are easily visible in these two pictures.

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Colin , NJ and Conce, Thanks, I actually wear similar high plus glasses myself and prefer to just slip my distance ones down to read.

You are completely right that bi focals at this strength magnify so much that you really cant get much more than one word in focus at a time. I find a separate pair of reading glasses much better but its a pain to be swapping specs around on the underground!

They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading.

Newspapers are tough, as are some forms, but I read everything online these days.

Conce asked how much the girl would be able to see.

I can only speak for myself but despite the thick glasses my vision is actually pretty good.

A black shadow then moves in from the right and the whole view goes extremely blurred.

I presume she is demonstrating what she can see without glasses. Al , (clickable) YRFRK5 Yv2Jq Mew B_ , an interesting distortion in the left lens.

It looks like she makes do with sliding the glasses down, though she may also have another pair for reading.

I wear glasses of a similar strength, and prefer bifocals.

I think you are just like many guys who develop a relationship online and have never actually met the person. I believe you think you have a relationship that you don't really have. Just the opposite, in fact: everything will look smaller. However, as I have -28 lenses for distance he cost and impracticality of attempting varifocal lenses scares me.

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