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If you take them for what they are, then it really is a fun film.

He just wants to be left alone and at the very least, connect with something or someone who doesn’t want to kill or exploit him.

A film as epic and expensive as Kong ’76, one must expect lavish locations, elaborate sets, a rousing musical score (composed by John Barry) and state-of-the-art special effects.

This was a modern change of scenery since the Empire State Building served as the original location in the 1933 film.

Following closely to the original film, King Kong ’76 tells the story of greedy businessman Fred Wilson (Charles Grodin), who believes there to be an ocean of oil buried within a mysterious island located in the Indian Ocean.

, 2001, a dark chapter in world history was written.

The World Trade Center, the part of the Pentagon and thousands of lives were lost at the hands of terrorism.

Even though Kong ’76 isn’t a milestone in film history, you have to give the filmmakers credit for featuring the former landmark so prominently.

The Twin Towers were as much a character in the film as Kong himself and they will be forever remembered not only through this film but by every film which proudly displayed the World Trade Center on celluloid.

He forms an expedition which includes a number of sailors and strapping hippie paleontologist Jack Prescott (Jeff Bridges).

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