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He really spent the early part of his career learning as much as he could from iconic figures in the film industry—[directors] Elia Kazan and George Stevens, and [studio head] Louis B. On his way into a California Pizza Kitchen on the less glamorous side of Wilshire Boulevard, a young woman on her way out of the restaurant instantly recognized him: “Oh my god, you’re my favorite actor! Warren Beatty seduced the world, and the world still seems to be in love with him.

After dinner, Beatty made his way from the back of the restaurant to the exit.

“I haven’t done an interview for a long, long time,” he explains as the gate opens and we pull in to the driveway up to the house. The views are spectacular: one side looks to the mountains, the other side to the sea.

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Throughout his nearly 60-year career as an actor, director, screenwriter, and producer, Warren Beatty has been nominated for 14 Academy Awards (including best actor, best picture, best director, best original screenplay, and best adapted screenplay), winning the best-director Oscar for in 1981. historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., a biography of James Baldwin, and countless celebrity memoirs.

He has been called “the Prince of Hollywood,” “the Pro,” and “Boss.” He was a famous movie star before any of them—before Clint, before Redford, before Dustin, before Pacino, even before his good friend Jack Nicholson.

He casually acknowledged them as we sped by—“There’s Clifford Odets, and that’s Roz Russell, Kirk Douglas around the corner, and up here is Natalie Wood and R. Wagner’s.” These were the people he knew—you could well imagine Clifford Odets standing in his doorway, Beethoven blasting out from the hi-fi, or Roz Russell in her robe and slippers, waving to the mailman and watching him read a salacious postcard from Sinatra in Palm Springs.“Warren is this link between many different generations of Hollywood,” says Alden Ehrenreich, the 26-year-old actor about to take on the role of Han Solo in the next .

“He’s been an active participant in so many different eras, including the end of the golden Hollywood era of the big studios.

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(Later, it’s sweet to see him texting with his kids, Stephen, Ben, Isabel, Ella.

He texts them novellas; they text back a single word, “yeah.”)At first, however, after we were settled comfortably in his library, Beatty fell silent.

Perhaps it was because I was a stranger—those who know him well describe him as the most loquacious of men. His sentences seemed to form themselves and break apart before they were even spoken—perhaps a feature of his legendary perfectionism.

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