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I started with “Good Doctor” and the way that he portrays an autistic savant was phenomenal.I cried through the whole movie and repeated many of my favorite scenes. I pray for you Joo Won for your Blessing Life, Success and great Personality in your real life. , (I know there will be a chinese movie/drama in 2016) but I want to see JW in a K-drama as they are more captivating to watch for the year 2016. JOO WON, an actor of a totally exceptional calibre and class of his time and own! Love and respect JOO WON after watching Bridal Mask, Ojakgyu Brothers, The Good Doctor & Yong Pal which displayed such brilliant acting skills in ONE person. He's such a humble and loving person (from how he says that he is playful with his mum). Its SEPT 30th, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOON JOO WON, SARANGHAE! Let me start by saying that I am not even Asian or American but I have watched a lot of kdrama and I have come across very fantastic actors such as Jung Kyung Ho ssi, Lee Min Ho, Jung Il Woo, Jin Yi Han oppa and more.

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Park Shi On is always be my favorite role from his works. Please JWsshi - do a k-drama for 2016 as we will miss you like crazy once you enter military service!!!!! Great performance in all his dramas especially good doctor, bridal mask, and Yong pal... I find him handsome and appealing in bridal mask ... I know that you're happy right now for the success that you're gaining right now you are up there the blessings continue pouring at you I hope you won't change stay sweet and humble keep your feet on the ground. In October 2013, Morgane remarked that Joo Won reminds her Johnny Depp. There absolutely are facial traits that are similar between the two men. And in Bridal Mask, I can finally see his excellent acting. My opinion changed I think you are the potential actor who can act well in all the designated character in that dramas.

Hopefully 2 days 1 night was enough to prepare him for surviving through his military time more comfortably. On the movie Sweet Sixteen, did Joo Won oppa really spoke in chinese or it was dubbed by a chinese? So i can't recognize the voice if it belongs to him or to some chinese. Bread love and dreams was his first drama that i watched and i got surprise because he become one of the great actor nowadays. I am looking forward for his new drama " My sassy Girl". :) I just finished watching Yong Pal..loved your character there. You are not like a flower boy (and honestly I don't like flower boy), but you have your own charm that makes me like you. Hope you can be together in a drama with my fav actress Park Shin Hye... Cannot wait to see JW new drama and movie in 2015!!! Looking forward for ur upcoming dramas ;) can't believe that i followed and watched all his 7 dramas. it has been only 5 years from his debut, but look at him now. I hope your heart is as true as your characters portray...please, be a good person and I'll keep cheering all your good movies on. Nodame Cantabile is such a failure, dropped after 4 eps. Then bridal mask,good doctors, my girl friend is agent, naeli's cantabile.

After watching him in good doctor and yong pal, I search for another drama and binggo.. Oh joo-won oppa I really want to meet you, but you will die Do you know how much I miss thee and love to the point of death, till I cry when I sleep and I see you in my dream I beg you, give me a chance to meet you oppa Joo Won has gained my respect. Joo Won, is thoroughly my best actor that I've ever seen in 43 years of my ages in watching Asian and international movies and Drama.

I like also the team-up of Joo Won and Jinseyeon in BM the #joosey couple Leekangto and Mok Dan hope they have a chance to reunite also because they have chemistry I saw the BTS of their endorsement EDWIN they both cute smile btw... I acknowledge he truly is way beyond mediocre actor.

they both connected to Moon Chae Won because they working to each other, nice in this generation joowon seyeon and chaewon are the new great actor and actresses I want they reunite in a great drama. He is simple, humble, consistent and well-mannered.

you really a god actor thats make me sad and happy all the time so i want to say thank you for thats and i want to be a doctor just like you play in the good doctor i know its acting but i want to be like that one day in a a doctor and have the heart that you have,thankkkkk youuuu so much First time seeing him on Level 7 CS I couldn't stand his character! I adore the way he upholds his beliefs and portrays the genuine side of him. I think he is good looking, but whenever I see a drama he is in, I forget about his look and only pay attention to how he acts.

He hasn’t been around long but with all the dramas that he has been in, he has given life to each of the different characters he portrayed was a great accomplishment.

I find Joo Won to be naturally handsome through his skills and professionalism and a great actor for this generation.

Joo Won attracts me from his acting and not his looks.

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