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In fact, the fastest growing Christian denominations in North and Latin America are Pentecostals, Baptists and Methodists, all of the evangelical ilk.

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I met my Urban husband - a man of God on world dating website.

Although not explicitly “Christian dating services”, each listed Hispanic dating service has huge worldwide databases and matching software that allows single Christians to zero in on their potential soulmate with similar values, language and location. controversy over Hispanic immigration, let me add one last word regarding Hispanic dating services: None of these are exclusive.

All of these matchmaking sites also offer free trial memberships. In other words, if you are a tend to like to date people of similiar language, culture and values.

The spirit is not one of discrimination, but rather celebration.

That’s the primary purpose of Hispanic and Latin Dating Services in a nutshell.

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According to a recent Barna Research Group survey, Hispanics (40 million strong in the U. alone) are one of the most religious people groups as gaged by their desire and commitment to grow closer ties with God.

Although most Hispanic dating singles are Catholic Christians, a large and rapidly growing number of Hispanics identify themselves as Evangelicals.

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