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They are given to tribal thinking and confirmation bias.

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When Jesus interacted with people, He cared about how they felt. He’s the one who made those silly little “feelings” in the first place.

How odd, then, His own children would dismiss them as irrelevant.

My faith and intimacy with God has grown as I’ve evolved in my understanding of church, and as I said, many find that threatening. I used the word “feel” a couple times and it was pounced on like a fumbled football.

And yet, in the comments, even the heated ones, it was beautiful to see a group of people love something so much. A response I kept seeing on twitter and in the comments was that my blog was all about feelings. And yet I kept asking myself “why do these people have a problem with feelings or the concept of feelings? They don’t come from the heart, they come from the brain.

Before we get too irate and have a trigger reaction against the idea feelings are actually valid if verified and tested, we should consider new revelations in brain science, learning-style revelations and basic psychology. What about Daniel Goleman’s work on emotional intelligence?

What about Sir Ken Robinson’s work on education reform?It’s a nice cliche and has some basis in scripture, but while the thought makes a great tweet, it should be parsed in a more nuanced way.Many people seemed to want me to attend church out of a sense of duty or responsibility.When evangelicals attack “feelings” they’re discrediting thinkers and researchers more knowledgeable than they on how the brain actually works.The attack on feelings works great to sway young seminarians who like to label liberal theologians, but in the end, it’s a limited and narrow perspective. You can’t build a house on them, but they guide, shape, validate and work with rational thought to shape who we are and how we do life.I tend to see things from multiple angles and am comfortable not choosing “the right opinion” because I’m not convinced the right opinion is even on the table or that there is one in the first place. Binary thinking causes more false dichotomies than true answers or helpful discussions, so I’ll avoid them as best I can. As Ravi Zacharias often prays, let there be more light than heat.

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