warning sign about dating - Male doctor dating female patient

I come to watch it for Lee Jong Suk but end up liking Jin Seon Yeon and Park Hae Jin as well.

Kang Sora is not bad but somehow I think she's a bit overrated lol...(I still prefer Seyeonnie personally)...anyway I suppose people have different opinions..anyone who has not seen it yet and don't mind melodrama..it a try you might like it as much as me...enjoy time everyone...

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It would be 10/10 if I ignore the fact that Hoon will prolly end up with Jae Hee.

Everything else is very well written and I am hooked. I saw many comments here saying that Lead man has better chemistry to 2nd lead girl but I am thrilled with the fact that leading pair have an unrequited love and facing problems.

Park was shown as a doctor, I am a doctor myself and I hope all doctors should feel like him.

Wanted to post a comment only after finishing the show.

This is the only drama I have not skipped a boring conversation. writer and second the director right, surely they responsible in storyline, roles, etc.

Also I was afraid Jae Hee would not end up with Hoon, that made me suffocate. Why not make Kang So Ra his partner in the series??? the actors are only follow the rules of their leaders, but the writer and director here have failures mind they not careful for what their think, yeh..

I absolutely love Hoon and Soo Hyun they are so cute together. Other than that till now the storyline is very intriguing.

I'll continue watching because I'm genuinely interested in how the plot unravels.

It is tough to create a medical espionage thriller but the PD and writer team have done a fab the ending appears slightly weak.

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