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FDLE SERVICES: The FPCA supports and encourages the Legislature to recognize the vital importance the services from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) are to law enforcement across the state at all levels, and to support FDLE’s proposed budgetary request enhancements.FIREARMS: The FPCA supports consideration of Officer Safety in all aspects of regulation of firearm carry and usage.

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Senate Bill 90 by Senator Keith Perry and House Bill 133 by Representative Jackie Toledo ANIMAL CRUELTY LAWS: The FPCA supports stricter, harsher punishment and penalties for acts of aggravated animal cruelty to result in a charge of a second-degree felony instead of the current third-degree felony.

DIGITAL BYSTANDERS: The FPCA supports legislation that makes it illegal to post or live stream videos of a crime via social media.

A politician who believes in higher taxes and then gets elected considers that a mandate to raise taxes.

When you have a mandate, it's like a ticket to get something done.

THREATS TO KILL OR DO BODILY INJURY: Delete the requirement that a specific person must be directly threatened by means of a letter, inscribed or electronic communication of that threat is made.

Current law only prohibits threats written directly to an individual.VIDEO VOYEURISM: The FPCA supports and encourages the Legislature to amend FS 810.145 and associated penalty statutes to increase the punishment level in sentencing guidelines and to consider adding certain voyeurism offenses to the Sex Offender category.BODY-WORN CAMERAS: The FPCA opposes any mandatory requirement to use body-worn cameras.The section expands upon the current statute to prohibit a greater variety of modern communication circumstances.Senate Bill 310 by Senator Greg Steube and House Bill 165 by Representative Stan Mc Clain DISTRACTED DRIVING: Require the use of a hands-free device when using a cellular telephone or other electronic device while operating a motor vehicle to address the dangers of distracted/careless driving.PENSIONS: The FPCA supports a study of the financial impact and necessary funding required to lift the suspension of the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) in FRS.

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