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And, they react like they've just gotten the biggest insult imaginable.

Depending on the severity of the statement that the woman makes, the wrong man may verbally harass her, post her private information online, threaten her, or even physically harm her.

And, the risk of men retaliating against a woman who says this is far higher than the risk of a woman doing the same - at least, statistically speaking.

Considering the risks, it doesn't take much to see why so many women stay silent about it.

Moreover, most women also have heard of cases in which domestic violence victims have called for police aid - only to be refused help or protection from their abusers. Though men are domestic violence victims as well, they run a much lower risk of being killed by a partner than women do.

Also, they tend to have much more leeway to get away from an abuser than a woman may in many cases. All a woman would have to do is not talk to abusers, right? Some experiences women face in the dating world are universal, and these experiences also contribute to women quietly quitting the dating world.

In fact, statistically speaking, domestic violence is on the rise.

In many parts of the US and UK, police groups are almost overwhelmed with the abuse calls they get.

Men in particular tend to be brutal in their ghosting endeavors.

There have even been occasions of men who have ghosted after years of dating a girl.

And, most men who hear women's complaints will cluck their tongues and chastise them for not "dating a nice guy," or tell them that they "should've been gentler in their rejection."When given the choice between being treated badly for even trying to find a decent man and staying the course, it's really not shocking that some ladies just got fed up.

The easiest way to avoid the insults, dick pics, and venom that men espouse when they can't take rejection is to give them as little opportunity to even get rejected in the first place.

Along with the insults and harassment, most women have also received an unsolicited dick pic at least once in their lives. Actually, it's horrifying - and it's a trend that shows absolutely no sign of stopping.

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