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We have some reservations about their testing, but we support the concept of trying to rank helmets for low-level impact performance, and this is the first system to do that.We note their rankngs for individual models below, and you can check out our page on their methodology for more background and a link to their rankings.We still regard MIPS as unproven technology unless you have a helmet that couples so closely to your head that you can't move it even a quarter inch under pressure. It also sells new helmets and adds as much as 50% to the price tag.

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Virginia Tech's Biomechanical Engineering department has developed a methodology for testing helmets for their ability to reduce concussions.

After football and hockey helmets, they launched ratings for bicycle helmets in June of 2018.

They include the Airius, Babali, Coros, Eventy, Koros, Lazer, Lifebeam, Livall, Lumos, O'Neal, POC, Sena, Uvex and Video Head.

WARNING: you should know that NIH released a study in February, 2018 that showed cancer tumors forming around the hearts of rats exposed to high levels of radio-frequency radiation.

New technology has been reaching the marketplace, and Virginia Tech has published independent test results confirming better performance of some models.

There are fewer innovations this year because the bicycle industry is in a slowdown.Almost all of the helmets on the market meet standards and offer good if not excellent protection.We have tested a sample of cheap and expensive helmets and found no real performance differences by price.Summary: The most evident trends in the US market this year are the growth of MIPS and the introduction of more Smart Helmets that feature new lights, communications or electronics.We have not found any proven radical safety improvement that would compel you to replace your current helmet.We also have a page with the short list of models where the STAR ratings and Consumer Reports agree, giving you both high level impact and low level impact ratings to aid your selection.

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