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Here are five of the most common lies we tell ourselves about dating: 1.“Love is for everyone except me.” Even if you don’t actually say these words to yourself, they may form the basis of a nameless, nagging fear.

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There’s also the risk that, being preoccupied with a mismatch, you’ll miss out on the right match. “It has to look like ‘love at first sight.’” Many people don’t take the time to get to know themselves or identify the essential qualities they need in a partner.

These people often come to a first date with selection criteria based on distortions, and they make important decisions based on the delusion of “immediate chemistry.” If sparks don’t fly right away, they might pass on a great individual without giving chemistry a chance to develop.

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You are about to submit a review request for Clix Logix Technologies.If you believe this about yourself, consider talking with a professional counselor about the events or relationships in your life that led you to embrace this falsehood in the first place. “I know this relationship isn’t great, but it’s better than being alone.” People convince themselves there’s no downside to staying with the wrong person until the right one comes along, but the risks are actually huge.There’s the risk of becoming so comfortable with the wrong person that you stay in a mediocre dating relationship, which could lead to a mediocre marriage.Not that I’ve ever actually been on that journey or anything.I was having a hard enough time trying to find someone who wanted to see me past five dates, never mind someone with lifetime potential.Unfortunately, this wish will always remain a fantasy, planted in my head by Western media depictions of mothers and daughters who don’t face linguistic and cultural barriers that could hinder their relationship the way they’ve long hindered my own relationship with my mother.

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