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The packages you've already published to the Store will be used for your other customers, so their experience won't be disrupted.With package flights, only the packages are different; the Store listing details will be the same for all of your customers.

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Note that package flights must pass the certification process, just the same as any submission.

When you set up package flights, you can specify the people who should get specific packages by adding them to a known user group (sometimes referred to as flight group).

The MSN News app for Android and i OS is getting a new name: Microsoft News.

We first noticed the rebranding in an update to the beta version of the app on Android, but On MSFT has also confirmed the new moniker is rolling out for i OS beta testers as well. We're pleased to announce that a new update for Windows 10 Io T Core has just been released, and it's on its way to your devices!to add the names and email addresses of people you’d like to test your app.The renaming follows a major update that rolled out to beta testers in January, bringing a whole new look to the app.The revamp included the ability to keep your news interests in sync across all devices, a dark theme, and continuous scrolling from one article to the next.That’s disappointing, but it’s still in preview so that support may arrive before the browser is released for all i Pad users.

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