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This list features 50 Cent's ex-girlfriends along with additional information about them, such as when they were born and what their profession is.

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Chelsea Handler has become one of entertainment’s most sought-after and versatile rising stars.

) Please say he's just a friend If I was your best friend [Verse 1: 50 Cent] First we get the talkin, then we get the touchin' If we get past the phone games we'll be fuckin' I kiss like the french then put my tongue in your ear Do it like the dogs do it girl and pull on your hair For me a different scenery just means a different position In the tub or on the sink, I improvise now listen In the chopper or on the jet, join the mile high club I'm no fool I know money can't buy me love (Ha Ha) [Verse 2: Olivia] You said that I could call you whenever I needed someone to listen to me That's why I'm here standin' by your side cause you always come through for me So many others tried to be where you are but they just wanted to do me Glad you took your time and now I'm satisfied that's why I want you all to me [Hook: Olivia] Cause if you were my best friend, I want you 'round all the time (I want you 'round me baby) Can I be your best friend, I promise boy you'll be mine (Oooh baby be mine) I said he's just a friend, baby it's not pretend Either he is or he ain't my man, I said he's just a friend [50 Cent] If I was your best friend, I want you 'round all the time (I want you 'round me all the time) Can I be your best friend, if you promise you'll be mine (Girl promise you'll be mine) Please say he's just a friend (Uh huh) Now girl let's not pretend (Come on) Either he is or he ain't your man (Ha Ha!

It also constantly makes references to Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” dish details about her relationship with 50 Cent, clear up rumors about Missy Elliott and explain how reality TV ruined her former manager, Rich Dollaz.

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In 2004, Lohan launched a second career in pop music yielding the albums Speak (2004), A Little More ..

Age: 31 Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America Also Ranked #70 on The Greatest Former Child Stars #5 on The Celebrities You Most Want To See Play Survivor #19 on Celebrities You'd Want To Go To Vegas With #7 on People We Want to See on a Comedy Central Roast 50 Cent and Chelsea Handler dated in 2010.

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