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Registration is free, and once you register, you can find people in your state, city, country; or, if you're looking for someone the same age or affiliation are you, Plentyof Fish makes that possible as well.At the time of this writing, there were over three million registered users on Po F, making it one of the largest dating sites on the Web today.

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The Internet’s most popular dating services attract millions of singles worldwide with not just skilled marketing techniques but a wide range of unique and savvy features.

As well as being some of the earliest pioneers of Internet dating (some going back to the mid 90’s), these sites also provide such things as professional, in depth personality tests or even an assurance of dating success with money back guarantees.

That being said, it’s not one of the cheapest either. So you have to put faith in the system and go with an open mind.

At less than $35 for a month’s use, it’s hardly more expensive than going to a movie or to a restaurant. Many people who use the site find that they were simply overlooking people who were Socializing One thing Friendfinder sites are noted for is their social side.

More » Zoosk is a free online dating site that gives you the ability to have live video and voice speed sessions via computer and webcam; it's a great way to meet people quickly and easily.

While Zoosk is mostly about getting people to meet other people, they also encourage their employees to spend time in charitable giving: "Zoosk is committed to giving back to our communities both personally and financially.

Which are the most popular and which aren't worth your time?

• read more Millions of users, International reach, Web/App e • read more Millions of users, International reach, Web/App •...

We regularly donate our time at Glide Memorial, at local arts groups and animal shelters, and are always looking for new ways to contribute." If you're looking for a dating site with a heart, this is the one you'll want to check out.

More » isn't technically classified as a dating site per se.

One of the most popular activities online is finding people to communicate with.

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