Nadech and yaya dating 2016

All she knows is that there are only a few people in her life, and the crowd goes nuts even before she could finish, but no one is closest to her than her P’Nadech.

Who somehow, nonchalantly, places his hand on her leg to help her cover up her short skirt. It’s so quick and fast, but you won’t miss it because the show highlighted that in bold letters.

It is evident by the end of part one of 3 Zaap show that the hosts and fans alike are rooting for the onscreen sweetheart couple, Nadech and Yaya, to be a real life pair.

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First though, he teases Yaya on her manly walk, while Yaya teases him back on his girlie walk, due to Nadech having a booty. Nadech admits that he was raised with a lot of females in his life so it’s natural that he has a good understanding of femininity. Prepare yourself to watch Nadech being the ‘professor’ where he puts his makeup artist specialty skills on Yaya, and vice versa. He must spend some time or have gotten to know gay makeup artists as he puts on their persona, it’s hilarious!

The hosts want to know why he only puts makeup on Yaya and no one else, and Nadech explains in his persona that she’s already beautiful but he wants to make her even more pretty. His concept for Yaya today is as beautiful as a horse hee.

One of the hosts decides to take the question to the moms: is your son/daughter in law someone like these two? Yaya tells them that there’s no need to ask her mom, because her mom would side with her, whomever she likes will be approved. They are wondering if Nadech bought that ring for her. But Yaya assures them that in her family culture, significant or marriage ring goes on the right hand. A fan is given a mic and replies that for her, there are many reasons why she’s a fan but one reason she recalls is when Nadech was learning how to knit. But one day she saw a picture of Yaya wearing a scarf with that same knitting design and color.

Therefore, she only has her left hand to adorn with accessories. The host asks Nadech whether he used to say that he likes look-kreung (mixed people.) And if he does, will a Norway-mixed be a viable candidate? Chompoo tells her cohost to move on because they are so beyond that question. There were behind the scenes clip of him knitting a charcoal colored scarf. The hosts show a side by side picture of Nadech knitting that scarf and Yaya wearing it.

Finally when asked about the Jun cheating rumors on her with an actress making soft porn, Mao laughed and said that she was so surprised at how imaginative folks are with making things up.

There you have it, as close to confirmation that Mao Jun is still on as any so far.

However it is always in the back of his mind that he would, maybe when he turns 25.

In Thailand, sons participate in ordination service for a period in order to bring merit to their parents. Naturally, after topics of ordination, topics of marriage came up. Aside from working in the entertainment industry, do Nadech and Yaya aspire to do anything else?

The host mentions that despite all of the work that Nadech accumulates or negative things that occur from them, he appears to be the kind of person who always embraces happiness, or he finds happiness amidst any tribulations. Nadech says that he has a good support system at home, his parents and fans keep him grounded and motivated. As for Yaya, she has become more of a grownup and understands responsibilities.

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