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The structure and contributions of the internet are basically unregulated.

The information and activity contained within the internet is vast from the most innocent to the most offensive.

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The book stacks are nearly deserted most of the time, while the rooms that have computers are packed night and day. There is bound to be a lot more electronic education and a lot less book-education.

The libraries are putting in more computers and more and more. What students seem to like about the computer, including the Internet, is that it is interactive.

For those who live in an area without access to a large, well-stocked library, this is a huge advantage, especially for students and researchers.

This also brings a disadvantage, if the user isn't discerning.

There are laws that keep predators away from parks and schools, but none keeping them off the Internet.

Without proper supervision, children can accidentally log on to pornographic websites.

The internet fosters a global information exchange and allows people from totally different backgrounds share ideas and communicate in ways that were never possible before.

On the other hand, the internet is an environment in which individuals may be made vulnerable to scams, misinformation, and exploitation.

While this allows children and adults alike to learn new skills through games, as well as to simply have fun, it can also quickly become a new addiction, leading to "couch potato syndrome." Like most anything in life, Internet usage can become too much of a good thing.

Strangely, the advantages of internet use are simply a flip side of the coin with disadvantages.

They may be looking at things that are a little naughty, but if that's what they're interested in they will satisfy their curiosity and then move on to other subjects.

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