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They reverted to the rank of Warrant Officer in 1964.

I'm a SPC and currently dating a SSG in my company and I'm kind of having a big question mark on our relationship and on how we can live it to the fullest...reason is because we are really into each other or should i say in love with each other its crazy..we come to the conclusion that i can wait for him to go to his next duty station so then we can be open about it and get married because as long as u are not in the same unit or company AR 600-35 of the army regulation on relationship of NCO and junior enlisted say that it is perfectly OK!

B/c me and my husband met in the Army, this is a particular hang up of mine. Yes, we are soldiers, but we are people too and our line of work requires us to spend long long long hours together. I don't think NCOs should sleep w/lower enlisted, but if he's really in love w/her, who's place is it to say that that's wrong?

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I hope things can work out for you- if you really care for each other enough you can wait off until you can get it right.

B/c there are some very sanctimonious people on this site who like to pretend that nothing ever happens in the Army that isn't keeping w/every regulation ever written and that nothing shady EVER occurs.

- I know my soldiers and I will always place their needs above my own.

-I will earn their respect and confidence as well as that of my soldiers.

Until 1950 all ground tradesmen wore the same rank badges, however in that year an additional rank structure was introduced and during this period there were two separate rank structures - 'Technical' and 'Command'.

It was quite normal to move between the two structures while still being within a Technical trade.Let me get this straight: A SSG is knowingly involved in an inappropriate relationship, jeopardizing a military career and purposefully engaging in activity to hide his actions from his chain of command?Which part in the Creed of a Non-Commissioned Officer is he wiping his ass with? - I will not use my grade or position to attain pleasure, profit, or personal safety."What you're looking to do is justify your current actions of stupidity - you pretty much admitted that your current situation is inappropriate.Further, your comment of "can you tell me how u guyz did it...if thier a faster way i would love to take the risk" in another forum, soliciting recommendations from another individual who was able to accomplish what you're attempting additionally proves your lack of integrity. The Army is not a place where you come to and fall in love. You two undermine the readiness and good order and discipline of your unit. People like you and your "boyfriend" who disrupt the day to day operations of your unit and undermine good order and discipline.You might be willing to take the risk, but why would you want to risk his successful career? Your "boyfriend" should be training troops and leading by example, not falling in love. With that said, it doesn't mean you're the scum of the earth or that your boyfriend is single handedly responsible for the break down of good order and discipline.

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