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Bradford enjoyed its own rush for liquid gold a dozen years later, providing a steady living for families like the Wests – Shirley was an assistant engineer at Kendall Refining, located just a few blocks from his home. What followed was a grueling search that spanned months and saw more than 3,000 local people hunting for Marjorie, with countless others locked into the national newspaper coverage.

After church, the Wests drove 13 miles along Highway 219 to a clearing in the Allegheny Forest that was popular with hunters and fishermen. When police couldn’t find Marjorie that Sunday afternoon, 200 men joined in, including the Citizen Conservation Corps and the Moose and Elks lodges. “All available flash-lights in the city were pressed into service,” noted the .

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The boys ran, but when the group stopped, Eddie was gone.

Thirteen miles away, in the town of Ludlow, Michael Steffan, seven, fished with a friend.

Many people believed in 1938, as they do now, that Marjorie was picked up at the road.

Witnesses told police of three cars that had passed through the area around three p.m.

Residents of Western Pennsylvania and Marjorie’s surviving relatives still hold out hope she’s alive.

If she is, she may yet celebrate her 85th birthday next month.

He ate his evening meal at home and then returned.” Police began circulating a poster describing Marjorie’s “curley” red hair, freckles, red Shirley Temple hat, and patent leather shoes. Foote told the Associated Press that West’s disappearance probably began with her liking to “play hide and seek.” A detail of four police searched the area for five months.

Cecilia West stayed at home so as not to miss a phone call. * * * nakes and “she bears” were not the only dangers in the woods.

To this day she is the subject of one of the oldest unsolved cases recorded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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