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To get a better idea of why that might be, I walked over to Huck Finn’s Cafe in the French Quarter to talk to some local sports fans in New Orleans.

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“It’s not that it was against the rules,” said Michigan fans about the initial attempt by Harbaugh, “it’s that he was too genius for the rules to comprehend.

Go back and look at the rules of the game, I dare you.

A silent epidemic is taking over our country: overdramatic sports writers.

In the meantime, not having good sports to watch has been a problem, too.

Sure, there will be the usual hydrotherapy, expansive sports recovery facilities, and it will all be a part of the largest weight room complex (for a moment) in the country.

But you also need a few bells and whistles, too, and Michigan will be all decked out for not actually lifting weights in style. Players will also have access to a constant supply of whole milk.

The search began in earnest after Daniel Craig said on Tuesday that he will not be back in the titular role, but will instead pursue sequels for Cowboys & Aliens and Layer Cake. Cumberbatch is said to be the favorite, according to Vegas.

“I’m really looking forward to the chance to compete and work hard,” said Harbaugh to the Daily Mail.

To be serious for a second: football weight rooms are like smart phones right now; in an arms race fueled by competition and money, they’re morphing into a very different kind of apparatus than they were originally intended to be.

And after Michigan’s Board of Regents approved a massive renovation of Oosterbaan Field House on February 16th, it’s now Michigan’s turn in the spotlight to show what they can craft.

The game had an undeniable undertone of the nice guys of the West versus the insane competitors of the East who will do anything to gain an advantage, but despite that, the West fared a little better than people expected.

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