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(Assuming my children are really my biological children at all.

That grinning chumpy woman you see in my wedding pix, who paid the bar tab for one of the OW, and assorted other wedding guests who knew of his cheating? I know enough to know it’s disordered and dreadful and has everything to do with him, and nothing to do with me. It’s not so much my story, as it is the playbook of cheating.

If it were up to me we would get a dedicated HR department at this point, but it’s definitely not.

Well, the protocol really is up to your company; there are a few different options here, you’ll need to get clear guidance from them on how they want you to handle it.

And it sounds like that might involve getting them to think about the issue for the first time, given your manager’s awful response.

Companies responsible for preventing sexual harassment not only by other coworkers, but also by clients (and vendors, and anyone else an employee comes in contact with in the course of her work).

The comments you described probably don’t rise to the legal bar for sexual harassment, but your company should be concerned about it regardless — because they should want their employees to be able to do their jobs without being hassled by lecherous customers.

Your manager not only doesn’t realize that, but his comment was a good way to discourage people from telling him about more serious incidents. Here’s what I’d do: Find someone in your company who’s above your manager and who you have decent rapport with and know to be generally reasonable.

What came months later — the truth of who he was — doesn’t change her. I fell into it once –and I thought I was going to die.

When it was happening, with all the evidence she had before her — she had every reason to be hopeful and optimistic.

We usually have our pictures up in the chat window so people know who they’re talking to, and the women have a tendency to get hit on pretty frequently (myself included). However, there is one woman who started in the last year that gets hit on fairly regularly, and today a man in online chat was way too forward for comfort.

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