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When the "normal distribution" studies were done, people had more of an idea what hypnosis is and that it can be used to make changes in the subconscious mind.

But many still had fears and misconceptions about it, which is what led to the normal distribution seen in the results.

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In the "real world" of those who really practise genuine hypnotism (viz., techniques that induce hypnosis), all strongly agree with Liébeault and Bernheim that almost every human being is "hypnotizable", and all of them most strongly reject the assertions of Herbert Spiegel that only 10% are hypnotizable -- yet, at the same time, they recognize that the complicated treatment interventions that Spiegel employs (such as his method to stop smoking) is probably only acceptable to 10% of the population. Why does the article seem to distinguish between "clinical hypnosis" and "hypnotherapy". In the UK, at least, these two terms are completely synonymous. I've encountered a few people over the years who seemed to think hypnosis and hypnotherapy are essentially different things and this phrasing could foster that misconception.--Hypno Synthesis , 24 July 2006 (UTC) Go for it!

--Hypno Synthesis , 4 July 2006 (UTC) In general, yes, they are synonymous. We'll be sure to stomp on it and change it once you've put all your hard work into it!

U R A GR8 M8 , 13 December 2006 (UTC) Think I saw that show too- Catalyst was it? I think we should put that in if anyone konws the answer? Hypnotic susceptibility follows a normal distribution - so most people fall into the middle range, with fewer people score very high or very low.

In fact hypnotic susceptibility scales were designed this way.

This research aims to develop a game design framework, which enhances user avoidance behaviour through motivation to protect users from phishing attacks.

In order to do this, a theoretical model derived from Technology Thread Avoidance Theory (TTAT) was developed and used in the game design framework (Liang & Xue, 2010).

Game based education is becoming more and more popular.

This is because game based education provides an opportunity for learning in a natural environment.

• The elements derived from Technology Threat Avoidance Theory were incorporated.

• The given framework enhanced users’ avoidance behaviour to thwart phishing threat.

Phishing is an online identity theft, which attempts to steal sensitive information such as username, password, and online banking details from its victims.

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