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As you know, we have put our share of work in answering these very questions.

Our latest research has recently been picked up and featured in various online publications like Econsultancy, CBR, and Business Insider.

Chatbots4U has the advantage of having some apps you can add to the bot and the method of creating it is fairly simple but you end up doing the most work because they dont understand as well as the rest.

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That is over a third of the Earth's population right there. Source: The Economist The hard truth is this: not having a mobile messaging application strategy in 2017 is almost like not having a social media strategy.

With literally over a third of the population on these platforms, growing businesses must focus some of their energy discovering the messaging app channel to make sure they stay relevant.: 63.9% of consumers believe businesses should be contactable via messaging apps (The 2016 Mobile Messaging Report).

In Google quietly debuted Chatbase, a chatbot analytics platform, Tech Crunch details the search engine giant’s attempts to avoid ‘doing a Tay’.

Writer Ingrid Lunden notes that, “While there has been a lot of interest in making and using chatbots, there have been a lot of stumbles, too…This has led to some brands cooling on the idea of developing…even as the platforms continue to get smarter.” Lunden goes on to reveal that Google is set to deploy an antidote to facepalm bot moments.

The Chatbot hosting companies i use are personalityforge, Pandorabots, Chatbot4U, Love droids, Rebot me (back online), and SECOND EGO.

IF you use one of the companies consider donating to them.Despite increased usage, the bot business is still in a nascent phase due to an inability to shrug off its reputation for throwing up poor results and comments.Microsoft learned about the shortcomings of chatbots the hard way. Startup Hello Ava launched its ‘beauty bot’ last year, aimed at users looking for cosmetic recommendations based on their skin-type.And the NHS also recently touched down on planet bot by launching Babylon as an alternative to the non-emergency 111 number.In The Chatbot Will See You Now The New Yorker writer, Nick Romeo, details how the AI has had considerable success counselling traumatised Syrian refugees.

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