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If you're outside the US,try your address on Google Earth. No longer does the pen have the Aero-metric filling system.Both pieces are still wrapped in un-cracked cellophane, having been carefully removed for photographing the pieces and then re-packaged.Maybe it’s because there aren’t enough fountain pen blogs (like this one) or maybe it’s because not many people actually know how to buy a great pen.

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Oh of course it is going to cost a bit to get that perfect pen, but if you think around $700 would do it, you’re looking at it all wrong.

You see, there’s a point around the $150 mark where you start paying less for the pen, and more for the brand and the fancy, superfluous, and oftentimes unnecessary materials and designs that go into it.

You shouldn’t, and everyone around you certainly doesn’t.

Take, for example, the numerous LE Visconti fountain pens that seem to come out every week and come encased in boxes made from fine cedar and gold leaf.

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Do you think they write better than your regular Visconti? Seriously, brand does not matter for the most part.

You think that because Mont Blancs are Mont Blancs and they cost 0 they never break, never leak, and always write heavenly smooth? In fact, one of my local pen stores has a huge bucket filled with broken Mont Blanc pen parts that came off pens that were simply unsalvageable.

The small digit denotes the year of making for the barrel.

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