Peavey delta blues dating

These amps are available in vintage tweed with Blue Marvel speakers and knobs straight out of the rock 'n' roll revolution.

Classic style, classic tone and modern versatility.

) and there is a little push boost switch for the crunch channel giving a 25d B gain boost.

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Peavey delta blues dating

If the blues is your way of life, this is your amp.

30 classic all-tube watts are way louder than solid state and modern flexibility comes from a tremolo with speed and intensity controls, pre-and post-gain controls on the lead channel, 3-band passive EQ, a boost switch, external speaker jack, and an effects loop.

These are one of the best sounding non-boutique amps ever made.

It is our main amp for demoing guitars in EVERY price range, right up to the top.

Rock tones and high gain tones are relatively easy to get, but sweet, bluesy, dynamic singing tones are a whole different ball game, and that was exactly what was needed.

After a lot of swearing, cups of tea, and pulling my hair out, I eventually stumbled upon a nice Mayer-ish tone using my 62 Strat, a Peavey Delta Blues, and a few pedals. Yes, this unassuming, vintage-styled combo not only saved the day for me, but seriously impressed with its amazing sound.

This c2013 Peavey Delta Blues 115 serial number 003BDB0750244 is in excellent condition.

Cosmetically this amp is very clean as the pictures show.

All stringed instruments sold by IGS are shipped UPS ground service for about .00.

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