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Do not, we repeat, DO NOT joke about being Facebook official with someone you just met.

Two-thirds of singles say that you should wait until you’ve chatted with your partner about being in a committed relationship before making it Facebook official.

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Meanwhile, Fox’s “Love, Simon” is garnering attention for featuring a love story centering on a teenage boy coming out, and is looking at a $12 million-plus weekend on 800 more screens than the faith-based opener.

With “Black Panther” still drawing healthy audiences in its fifth weekend, “Love, Simon” is facing the same challenge as “A Wrinkle in Time” did last week to lure moviegoers away from the Disney-Marvel blockbuster.

Expect a bunch of insults and almost-swear words like "what the...," "what rhymes with suck," and "frickin'," as well as "pissed off," "buttwipe," "doofus," "stupid," "crap," and more.

There's also some light romance (including kissing and reference to a "hot" stepmom).

More than three-fourths think you shouldn’t direct message on Facebook or Instagram before the first date. After a few dates, you can probably follow your date on social media and chat via direct message.

Okay, you’ve been out with the person a few times and have ruled out the possibility that they’re a psycho catfish serial killer.

In fact, the pressure around making things Facebook official is so daunting, 13 percent of singles say they would never, under any circumstance, change their relationship status on Facebook. Only change your phone screen to a couple photo once you’re in a committed relationship.

Now that it’s finally acceptable to change your social media profile to a photo of you two lovebirds (two-thirds of singles agree), you can pretty much do any couple-y thing you’d like on social media — including changing your phone screen to a couple photo.

Once you’ve actually sat down and determined your relationship, it’s now totally acceptable to start adding their friends and acquaintances to your own social networks.

A little over half of surveyed singles say it’s now acceptable to friend their friends — heck, 65 percent say it’s even acceptable to friend their family members. Wait until you’ve talked with your partner about being in a committed relationship before you make things Facebook official.

Lionsgate’s March 3 opener “The Shack” was the top faith-themed film of 2017, with million at the domestic box office.

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