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Darren gasped in pain as the cock began working it's way inside him.

Piss in chat room-17

It was three inches longer than his mates', and much much thicker.

He pushed it against Darren's hole, driving him deeper onto his mate's spunky cock, so it went right down his throat, still oozing thick spunk.

Soon, from round the corner, I heard the key unlock the door. I knew my camera would be busily filming the whole thing as I went to the office, finding the lights off as ever.

I glanced around, some people on the street, a car going by. Darren lay there nude on his back, tiny little white willy bare, skinny legs apart for me to get onto him and fuck him. I stood between his thighs and rubbed my cock on his hole.

There is one young man in my employ, Darren, a pale, skinny young lad, twenty two years of age, who has been working late and using the office as a place to offer his bare bottom to horny men. The other man held Darren's wrists in one huge hand, and covered his mouth with the other, as his friend began pushing his bare black cock into Darrens' white bottom. Three inches, six inches, nine inches, ten, then those black hips started grinding, driving that massive tool deeep in Darren's bum. you want my cum you gotta beg for it.' "Yes sir, please please I beg you, I beg you to cum in me, please sir! " "Please my black master, please please please please pump your massive bare black man's nob in my white bottom until you cum, I beg you to spurt it all deeep in me, please master, please!

I have been leaving a hidden camera running, and have been able over the last few months to capture him on film being used by five men. "Ohhh yeah boy, take that black cock deeeep in your pussy." The black man gave him a good few long deep thrusts, then speeded up, pushing deeper. " The man liked that, he pulled that long thick veiny dong almost all the way out, then slammed it right in and came, a huge explosion of cum deeeeep inside Darren's bottom.

Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fucking your white ass boy, fucking you good. 'I'd rather have the real thing' I typed, 'or are you just a prick tease? But I want to just walk in and enter you, without you seeing my face.' 'ohhhh, I like the idea, but what if we know each other sir?

' 'No sir,' he typed back, 'but I can't accommodate, I am married you see, a secret bumboy.' 'Ohhhhh, I can't accom either. He replied instantly, 'Well, I promised I wouldn't do this again, as it's getting risky, my boss might find out, but if you want to, you can come to where I work, shove your cock in me and cum in me then leave.' 'Sounds perfect, where you work? ' "Well, that's a risk you'll have to take boy if you want some slime pumping into your bumhole.' 'Yes sir.' 'I will knock as you suggested, then hide.

One slapped his face as the other started fumbling with Darrens' zip.

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