Pros and cons of dating in high school

You’re getting healthier now, but it takes time to recover from repeated trauma.There’s no telling how this may reflect in a standardized psychological battery of tests, but the standardized test won’t tell the real tale or apportion responsibility and it won’t tell the judge that your psychological functioning is understandable and even predictable in view of the extreme treatment you’ve been subjected to.

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If there has been a pattern of severe physical abuse, that is a circumstance that could influence the Judge to award a disproportionate share of property to the victim spouse. If one spouse has been a serial cheater the whole marriage while the other spouse made a lot of sacrifices for the marriage, that could also affect a property division. Overall, there is still a bias in favor of mothers, but it’s not as automatic as it once was.

If one spouse squandered marital property or ran up an unreasonable amount of debt because of a gambling habit . In my practice, I see a fairly even split between mothers and fathers being awarded primary custody.

Without solid proof of the bad behaviors, the psychological evaluation could actually hurt your case.

If you have an evaluator who either doesn’t find a personality disorder or is reluctant to label it as such for the reasons discussed above, then you end up with a psychological evaluation that seemingly portrays your crazy ex as mentally and behaviorally stable and healthy. Even if a psychologist does give an actual diagnosis of a personality disorder, in and of itself that is pretty meaningless to a Judge. The fact is, the diagnosis is not really important. The behaviors do not have to be as extreme as hitting the kids or severe neglect in order for a Judge to be influenced.

These unfortunate realities could very well reflect poorly on you and favorably on your crazy ex on a standardized psychological test.

For these reasons, you should be very cautious and deliberate about a request that the Judge order psych evaluations. A diagnosed personality disorder will likely have little or no impact on a divorce without minor children. In child custody litigation, Cluster B behaviors are relevant and must be proven with evidence supporting your testimony (e.g., journals, recordings, emails, phone logs, text messages, other witnesses, etc.) 3.

This may be because the criteria for the diagnosis are not very well defined, and there’s also an unstated presumption that people are always a little crazy when they’re involved in that kind of litigation.

Additionally, there seems to be a pretty pervasive reluctance for professionals to use those labels even when they’re warranted.

In this manner, court-ordered psych evaluations for both parents might be more harmful to your case.

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