Psychological reasons for online dating

Cyberpsychology is an essential area of expertise for anyone who wishes to make the most of online technologies for commercial, educational, organisational or other reasons.

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It considers the impact of evolving trends, such as technological convergence, on individuals.

Cyberpsychology also examines human interactions with less ubiquitous technologies, such as cyborgs and artificial intelligence.

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You begin interacting with the thoughts in your head rather than with the person in front of you.

Application Deadline for September 2018 Initial deadline: 4pm Friday, 25th May 2018 Round 2 deadline (if places still available) 4pm Wednesday 22nd August 2018 Cyberpsychology is the study of the human mind and behaviour in the context of how people interact with technology.

It examines all psychological phenomena that are associated with or affected by emerging technology.

Instead, your mind is focusing on what it be and that’s when it becomes a problem.

You become attached to this fantasy future and then you can’t help but stress over it and worry about losing it (even though it’s not something you ever really had! Then your fears and insecurities rise to the surface and seep into your interactions with him.

Download application form here or contact our Admissions Office on [email protected]/ (01) 239 4621 More information: the IADT website.

Join the IADT Cyberpsychology group on Linkedin Certificate in Cyberpsychology This Certificate combines a mix of lectures, practical work and informal discussions around important topics in cyberpsychology.

It’s a friendly forum and perfect for those students who have never presented before.

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